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BiovaeGrubs™ | Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL)

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Our BiovaeGrubs™ Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) are the perfect choice to increase the decomposition rate and the overall quality of your compost pile. Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) are voracious eaters and can significantly reduce the time needed to degrade your kitchen waste/organic waste. 10,000 Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae are able to consume about 10kg of organic waste (wet waste) in less than two weeks! Your kitchen waste/organic waste will be fully degraded within two weeks instead of months as compared to traditional composting.

There are three main benefits by adding our BiovaeGrubs™  Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae into your compost. The time required for your compost to be matured is reduced significantly (less than two weeks) and at the end of the composting process, you will be able to harvest highly nutritious insect protein (BSFL) as well as a clean and odourless compost (BSFL Frass) which is also an organic fertilizer. All these benefits are achieved in a truly sustainable way.

Great for

Speeding up composting process and reducing kitchen waste or organic waste

Benefits of Compost-Grade BSFL

✔ Increase decomposition rate of compost pile significantly
✔ Improve overall quality of compost pile
✔ Reduce kitchen waste or food waste
✔ Provide highly nutritious insect protein when larvae matured (can be used to feed your pets)
✔ Convert organic waste into a clean and odourless organic fertilizer (when compost matured)

Benefits of Feeding-Grade BSFL

☑ Have more essential nutrients than mealworms and other feeders and contain essential amino acids
☑ Soft-bodied, tasty and more wiggly than other feeders
☑ All natural & non-GMO
☑ Naturally high in calcium
☑ No gut load or feeding needed
☑ Do not bite or sting
☑ Improves immune response and gut health
☑ Promotes and strengthen bone health
☑ Promotes natural behavior, reduces stress and increases liveliness
☑ Increase egg weight, shell thickness and laying performance in chickens and reduce egg cholesterol

Benefits of BSFL Frass

✔ Chitin provides a natural way to protect plants from pests, pathogens and diseases by boosting plant’s immune response system
✔ Promotes rapid mineralization and faster nutrient release
✔ Promotes seed germination and early development
✔ Promotes healthy flowering, fruiting and root development
✔ Does not attract flies and other insects
✔ Can be used in fertigation and hydroponics
✔ Beneficial microbes improve overall soil health
✔ Helps retain moisture and nutrients in soil
✔ Helps maintain soil pH for optimum plant growth
✔ Great as soil amendment and conditioner
✔ Improvements can be seen as early as 2 weeks to 3 months

Try adding our BiovaeGrubs™ Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) to your compost and see the difference!


10,000 BiovaeGrubs™ Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) can consume about 10kg of organic waste and produce approximately 1kg Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) (worth more than RM 100) and 2kg BSFL Frass (worth more than RM 12)


– Unlike our BiovaeGrubs™ Feeding-Grade BSFL, BiovaeGrubs™ Compost-Grade BSFL are very small and are shipped to you in their early larval stage.
– Compost-Grade BSFL are not matured enough to feed to your pets due to their small size.
– Compost-Grade BSFL are sold in terms of number of larvae and not in grams.
– A special packing substrate (100% organic material) will be included for shipping to ensure the survival of the larvae.
– For orders above 10,000 larvae please contact us before ordering.

BSFL are also commonly known as Phoenix Worms®, CalciWorms®, NutriGrubs™ and ReptiWorms™. All are the same species of Black Soldier Fly Larvae known as Hermetia illucens.

For more information about Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL), visit out FAQ page to find out more.

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10,000 Larvae, 5,000 Larvae

9 reviews for BiovaeGrubs™ | Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL)

  1. chuahanwen

    Best delivery!!! Best packing!!! Best 10/10!


    Customer service terbaik! First dan second delivery ulat byk mati, replacement kali ketiga alhamdulillah semua okay 👌👍. TerbaikTerbaik TerbaikTerbaik TerbaikTerbaik TerbaikTerbaik TerbaikTerbaik TerbaikTerbaik TerbaikTerbaik TerbaikTerbaik TerbaikTerbaik

  3. hemanaga31

    Order received in good condition. Thank you for the extra larvae 😊. Thank you for the tips too.

  4. meiyeechan850625

    (buyer only left a rating)

  5. afiq5938

    Baby larva mendarat dgn baik…Ade yg masih byk yg hidup… service mcm biase trbaik..customer service pandai jaga customer..kipidap

  6. nuratiqahramly

    (buyer only left a rating)

  7. nurfadhlianuar58

    Kali kedua beli ngan seller ni. Mmg terbaik sebab de extra n free nasihat.😁

  8. fashiharz18

    This is good. They gave me extra and answered all my questions. All larvae are alive upon arrival.

  9. choosuktheng

    Highly Recommend !!! I purchase BSFL for composting project and feed my fish and turtle. They are very responsive and proactive, willing to do special arrangement, give me smaller larva and give lots of advice and guide on raising BSFL. Terbaik !!!

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