BiovaeGrubs™ | Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Pupae 1kg

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Black Soldier Fly Pupae ready to emerge within 2 weeks.

Benefits of Black Soldier Flies:
☑ Attracting more swiftlets to house
☑ Increases overall bird’s nest production
☑ Encourage swiftlets to stay and return to house
☑ Improves immune response and more resistant to diseases (less likely to get sick)
☑ All natural & non-GMO
☑ Promotes natural behavior, reduces stress and increases liveliness
☑ Provides natural & nutritious food for swiftlets
☑ Naturally high in chitin to help fight inflammation and improves digestion
☑ Do not bite or sting
☑ Slow-moving & easy to catch

Why Choose Us & What Makes Us Different?
✔ Odourless
✔ 100% indoor breeding
✔ 100% plant-based diet
✔ High quality premium BSF Pupae
✔ No preservatives or additives added
✔ Products tested by independent lab

Try our Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Pupae and see the difference!

– Store at room temperature in a dry area
– Avoid any direct light or keep them in a dark place
– Place BSF Pupae in a tray and near the entrance (around 70-80% light during daytime)
– Adult flies will be attracted to light and fly towards the entrance
– Cover half or 3/4 of the tray so that the adult flies will leave the tray slowly by batch

– 1kg contains about 10,000 individual BSF Pupae
– Realistic emerging (hatching) rate at about 90%

Contact us for large orders at wholesale price.

Weight 1 kg

18 reviews for BiovaeGrubs™ | Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Pupae 1kg

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    good product.. Great packing

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  6. mattttt1975

    The worm are in excellent condition!! Great packing by seller 👍👍👍! One of the best service I have ever experience on shopee, fast reply, very informative and helpful with product knowledge! Will definitely repeat order👍👍

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  10. ajisan33

    Barang selamat mendarat… Penghantaran laju…. Terbaik… Sape2 nak beli BSF blh beli dekat Biovae ni… Customer servis pun banyak membantu bagi tips pasal BSF… Memang high recommend la… Terima kasih Biovae…

  11. lujaini43

    overall semua sampai masih hidup .. sangat puas hati

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    Very fast, very responsible n good seller, highly recommended.

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